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Best gangsta rap songs of all time

To really understand why, let’s look at one song where the verse […]

Most influential rappers of all time

It seems we can always turn to a popular old melody for […]

Gangsta rappers 2019

Does it give you a spark of creativity when you fire it […]

Theatre grants for individuals

I’m not surprised that creative feedback makes a difference; it’s the kind […]

New rap songs 2019

New wave and post-punk era bassists did a lot of single-note chugging […]

Gangsta rap 100% lyrics

The second of two articles on time management, we switch gears today […]

Best new rappers 2019

Whether you are a seasoned songwriter or you have just recently begun […]

90s rappers

+ Learn a new musical skill in 10 minutes. Explore Soundfly’s wide array […]

Scholarships for college juniors

Student-Artist: Emily McCullough The sound of blues is predominantly the relationship between the […]

Fender store

Inspiration may strike like lightning, but just about as frequently, so go […]

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