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Emerging artist grants 2019

Most platforms have large engineering teams dedicated to all of this. We […]

Fake rappers 2018

+ Learn the ins and outs of pro songwriting with Soundfly’s variety […]

Nea artworks grant 2019

In case you haven’t seen this, or tried it yet, Classic FM […]

Nih music and health grant

+ Learn a new musical skill in 10 minutes! Explore Soundfly’s wide array […]

80s hip hop groups

New Artist Model member Saskia Griffiths-Moore used a music video to share a bit […]

Best female rappers 2019

Mengyuan Xu is an electronic music artist from China who really leans […]

National endowment for the arts grants 2019

Somehow, this video perfectly portrays the combined joy and sorrow of the song. The […]

Grants for theatre educators

The short answer is: I don’t. I grade for effort, in a […]

Companies that donate to marching bands

+ Learning to record and mix at home? Check out Soundfly’s mentored online […]

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