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Grants for college 2019

Some of the stuff we’re working on these days (that I can […]

Vh1 save the music facebook

To see many of these techniques in action, plus more, I’ve created […]

Best hip hop groups of all time

The video for “In the 1970’s” (above) is brilliant. Have you always […]

Where can i donate musical instruments

I settled on two drum loops that had an identical tempo but […]

Financial help for musicians

We all have trouble staying on top of our goals sometimes. Our […]

Transportation grants for nonprofits

Like everyone in the music biz, mixers and producers have a reverence […]

Best rappers of 2019

+ Learn a new musical skill in 10 minutes. Explore Soundfly’s wide array […]

Best rap groups of all time

As we’ve established, one of the first places that phase issues can […]

Music investors looking for talent 2019

Once hip-hop artists started making money, they were met by an influx […]

Grants for female artists

“Finesse” (Remix): Cardi B drops herself into this remix in a relatively […]

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